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Research and postgraduate studies

In addition to a doctoral thesis, the requirements for a doctorate include a minimum of 60 credits of postgraduate study, consisting of a minimum of 50 credits of research skills and a minimum of 10 credits of other professional skills.

Research skills (50 credits)

The research skills module must be completed before the doctoral dissertation is handed in for preliminary examination. A detailed plan is drawn up in consultation with the supervisor.

  • Active participation in a research seminar in translation studies, in the student’s own subject, or in a related subject over a minimum of three semesters.
  • Detailed study of essential literature related to the research topic and the subject in general.
  • Learning to present and evaluate research results in one’s field by presenting papers at conferences and seminars or by publishing book reviews, reports, or articles.
  • Active participation in the life of the academic community e.g. by attending domestic or international conferences and seminars in the field, by taking part in research projects, producing teaching materials, editing publications, or teaching courses in one’s field of specialization.
  • Studies in the theory of science. Detailed arrangements to be made with the supervisor when drawing up the study plan.
  • With the supervisor’s consent, other studies supporting the student’s postgraduate work and research, e.g. additional courses in the main subject or Intermediate or Advanced Studies in another subject

Other career skills (10 credits)

This module must be completed before permission is granted for the public examination of the student’s dissertation. Credits are awarded for activities that enhance the student’s career prospects. Relevant fields of activity may include academic communication, academic administration, project administration, leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and the social dimensions of research. Minor subject studies may also be included.