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Translation of Russian belongs to the Department of Modern Languages.

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Qualified translators from and into Russian are in high demand on the job market, and Translation of Russian is a popular subject. Its strengths include a practical orientation, but the development of translation studies has also led to an ever-increasing accumulation of theoretical knowledge.

The professional competence of a translator includes translation and communication skills, cultural expertise, information retrieval skills, an ability to use electronic resources, knowledge of language theory and translation theory, and a command of at least two languages.

Studies in Translation of Russian require a previous command of Russian and Finnish. The studies involve improving the student’s oral and written proficiency in Russian, and to some extent in Finnish, as well as developing the knowledge and skills required for professional translation and interpreting. This includes studying the language of various specialized fields, e.g. technology, trade and commerce, medicine, or law, and the specific problems involved in translating texts in these subject areas.

As part of their preparation for working life, students are offered the opportunity, whenever possible, to take on genuine work assignments in the field of translation and interpreting.
Since translation and interpreting require a command of two languages, those studying translation as their major subject must include Basic Studies in Finnish for Translators in their degree. Regardless of the particular languages involved, translators also need to be familiar with the theory of translation and interpreting, with general language theory, and with translation technology. The Basic Studies module in Translation Studies is therefore another obligatory component of a translator’s degree.