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Socio-cultural Reality and Language Practices in Late Modern England


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Mail: Department of English, P.O.Box 24, 00014 University of Helsinki, Finland.

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SoReaL News

Project over

The SoReaL project officially ended in December 2008. We gratefully acknowledge the funding received from the University of Helsinki. Members of the SoReaL team continue to collaborate on various projects.

Social roles and language practices in Late Modern English

The volume of proceedings from the workshop held at the Late Modern English Conference at Leiden has been submitted to publishers' review in early June 2009.

Anni Sairio defended her doctoral dissertation

On March 27 2009, Anni Sairio defended her doctoral dissertation, Language and Letters of the Bluestocking Network. Sociolinguistic Issues in Eighteenth-century Epistolary English. She received funding from the SoReaL project at the final stages of her doctoral work.