Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English



Edited by Sebastian Hoffmann, Andrea Sand & Sabine Arndt-Lappe

Publication date: 2017

Table of contents

Hoffmann, Sebastian, Andrea Sand & Sabine Arndt-Lappe

Anderwald, Lieselotte
Get, get-constructions and the get-passive in 19th-century English: Corpus analysis and prescriptive comments
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/18/anderwald/ (see abstract)

Davidse, Kristin, Lot Brems & Adam Smith
Charting ongoing change: The emergent complex subordinators the moment (that) and for fear (that)
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/18/davidse_brems_smith/ (see abstract)

Ebeling, Signe Oksefjell
ADJ + enough + resultative/explanative that-clause: Diachronic development and conditions of use
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/18/ebeling/ (see abstract)

Fernández-Pena, Yolanda
‘These points stated, a number of problems remain’: A corpus-based analysis of the idiomatisation of collective noun-based constructions
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/18/fernandez-pena/ (see abstract)

Kaunisto, Mark & Juhani Rudanko
At -ing and on -ing: Comparing two sentential complements of the verb work
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/18/kaunisto_rudanko/ (see abstract)

Lakaw, Alexander
Diachronic shifts in agreement patterns of collective nouns in 19th-century American and British English
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/18/lakaw/ (see abstract)

Tyrkkö, Jukka & Arja Nurmi
Analysing multilingual practices in Late Modern English: Parameter selection and recursive partitioning in focus
http://www.helsinki.fi/varieng/series/volumes/18/tyrkko_nurmi/ (see abstract)

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