Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English
Volume 15

Texts and Discourses of New Media

Edited by Jukka Tyrkkö, University of Tampere, and Sirpa Leppänen, University of Jyväskylä

Publication date: 2014

Table of contents

Leppänen, Sirpa & Jukka Tyrkkö

Kytölä, Samu
Polylingual language use, framing and entextualization in digital discourse: Pseudonyms and ‘Signatures’ on two Finnish online football forums (see abstract)

Landert, Daniela
Blurring the boundaries of mass media communication? Interaction and user-generated content on online news sites (see abstract)

Sairio, Anni
‘No other reviews, no purchase, no wish list’: Book reviews and community norms on (see abstract)

Hiltunen, Turo
Choice of national variety in the English-language Wikipedia (see abstract)

Harris, Kathleen & Turo Hiltunen
“It’s you’re, not your”: Exploring misspelled words in YouTube comments (see abstract)

Halmari, Helena
Ethnic identity and variation in codeswitching patterns (see abstract)

McVeigh, Joe
Apples and oranges: A comparative analysis of blogs and marketing texts which share an audience (see abstract)

Green, Johanna M. E.
‘On ├że nis bute chatering’
Cyberpragmatics and the paratextual ‘anatomy’ of Twitter (see abstract)

Jousmäki, Henna
This is us: Multimodal online self-representation of Christian metal bands (see abstract)

Peuronen, Saija
Identifications through multimodal design: An analysis of the mediated performance of Christian lifestyle sports in online video (see abstract)

Häkkinen, Ari & Sirpa Leppänen
YouTube meme warriors: Mashup videos as political critique (see abstract)

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Tuire Oittinen
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