Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English
Volume 13

Corpus Linguistics and Variation in English: Focus on Non-Native Englishes

Edited by Magnus Huber and Joybrato Mukherjee
University of Giessen

Publication date: 2013

Table of contents

Huber, Magnus & Joybrato Mukherjee

Maier, Georg
As the case may be: A corpus-based approach to pronoun case variation in subject predicative complements in British and American English (see abstract)

Sand, Andrea
Singapore weblogs: Between speech and writing (see abstract)

Bernaisch, Tobias
The verb-complementational profile of offer in Sri Lankan English (see abstract)

Hackert, Stephanie, Dagmar Deuber, Carolin Biewer & Michaela Hilbert
Modals of possibility, ability and permission in selected New Englishes (see abstract)

Schneider, Gerold & Lena Zipp
Discovering new verb-preposition combinations in New Englishes (see abstract)

Osimk-Teasdale, Ruth
Applying existing tagging practices to VOICE (see abstract)

Gaspari, Federico
A phraseological comparison of international news agency reports published online: Lexical bundles in the English-language output of ANSA, Adnkronos, Reuters and UPI (see abstract)

Rapti, Nikoletta
Data-driven grammar teaching and adolescent EFL learners in Greece (see abstract)

Dose, Stefanie
Flipping the script: A Corpus of American Television Series (CATS) for corpus-based language learning and teaching (see abstract)

Götz, Sandra
How fluent are advanced German learners of English (perceived to be)? Corpus findings vs. native-speaker perception (see abstract)

Graedler, Anne-Line
NEST – a corpus in the brooding box (see abstract)

Ebeling, Signe Oksefjell
Semantic prosody in a cross-linguistic perspective (see abstract)

Egan, Thomas
Between and through revisited (see abstract)

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