3. Verbs

3.1 Tense and Aspect

3.1.1 Present time reference The simple present The simple present with generic or habitual time reference The type HAVE GOT and variants

3.1.2 Past time reference The simple past The simple present to describe past activities The present perfect The past perfect Used to and would/’d Past participle as predicate verb in finite clauses

3.1.3 Future time reference Shall or will/’'ll + infinitive To be going to + infinitive The present progressive The simple present Future time in the past

3.1.4 Progressive forms

3.2 Auxiliaries

3.2.1 Auxiliaries of the present and past perfect

3.2.2 Auxiliaries of the past perfect

3.2.3 Do

3.2.4 Can, could

3.2.5 May, might

3.2.6 Must, have to and the type HAVE GOT TO and variants

3.2.7 Shall, will

3.2.8 Should, would

3.2.9 Ought to

3.2.10 Dare and need

3.3 Non-finite Verb Forms

3.3.1 The infinitive

3.3.2 Participles and verbal nouns in -ing