Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English
Volume 3

Approaches to Language and Cognition

Edited by Heli Tissari
Research Unit for Variation, Contacts and Change in English (VARIENG), University of Helsinki

Publication date: 2009

Table of contents

Tissari, Heli

Approaches to Language

Wildgen, Wolfgang
The "dynamic turn" in cognitive linguistics (see abstract)

Vogel, Anna
A cognitive approach to opposites: The case of Swedish levande 'alive' and död 'dead' (see abstract)

Tuominen, Miira
Problems with 'consciousness' (see abstract)

Tissari, Heli
Soul-searching in Shakespeare (see abstract)

Esenova, Orazgozel
Anger metaphors in the English language (see abstract)

Brattico, Pauli
On the semantic interpretation of complex causatives in Finnish: An experimental morphology approach (see abstract)

Kay, Christian
The Historical Thesaurus of English: Past, present and future (see abstract)

Approaches to Cognition

Leinonen, Alina & Christina M. Krause
Words in brains (see abstract)

Campbell, Tom
Modularity and localisation of the neural systems of speech, gesture and cognition (see abstract)

Ylikoski, Petri
The heuristic of decomposition and localization (see abstract)

Sukhova, Natalya V.
Cognitive interaction of verbal and nonverbal signs (prosodio-kinetic complexes) (see abstract)