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Information for Authors

Proposals for monographs and thematic volumes to be published in Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English are invited on topics in corpus linguistics, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, discourse analysis, dialectology, contact linguistics, and typology.

The series is envisioned to make use of the various possibilities afforded by multimedia technology and the online environment. All potential and current authors are consequently invited to consider ways in which the presentation of their topic could be enhanced by such content.

On matters related to the editing of an article, the author's first point of contact should be the editor(s) of the respective volume. Particularly on questions of a technical nature, the editor(s) may delegate your question to the web editor, with whom you can sort out the details. We are happy to discuss innovative solutions with you, but be aware that we do not have the capacity to implement complicated solutions from the ground up. However, if you submit the necessary components (such as javascript, css, or flash modules), we will certainly consider adding them to your article. Make sure you have the proper permissions if you wish to include content on which a third part holds the copyright (e.g. video clips, music, facsimile images). If you wish to include very large media files, please get in touch with the editor or web editor as soon as possible so that we have time to arrange a high-bandwidth media server. Please also note that we do not allow hotlinking under any circumstances, so if you wish to link to an external media source, link to a web page rather than directly to the media file.

Primary research data such as spreadsheets, database files and corpora can be distributed with your article. We do not, however, have the facilities for installing server side applications. If you wish to give readers access to such content, set up the necessary software at your own end and link to it from the article.

Detailed information about formatting is available on the stylesheet. Please note that the editors of individual volumes may give specific instructions, so check with your editor(s) first. If you would like to constribute an article in HTML, please contact your editor(s) or the web editor for instructions on how to do so.

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