The conference will be held near the very centre of Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. The venue will be Tieteiden talo, House of Sciences, a venerable former schoolhouse owned and operated by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. The venue is conveniently situated in close vicinity of several hotels and restaurants, and a walking distance away from the main shopping area and many of the major sights. The conference venue and some of the more important points of interest in the vicinity are marked on the Google map.

NB! The street address for Tieteiden talo is Kirkkokatu 6 (Kyrkogatan 6). Street names in Helsinki come in both Finnish and Swedish, and depending on the level of magnification Google Maps might give you one or another. While it's often fairly easy to make an educated guess, the two names can occasionally look quite different and it may be a good idea to write down both.