Travel information

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is located some 17 km from Helsinki city centre. The airport is of moderate size and quite efficiently run, but do allow two hours before departure for check-in and security. On arrival, you can expect to be out of the airport in 20 minutes after landing.

Transfer between the airport and Helsinki centre is most conveniently achieved by bus or taxi.

By bus

Finnair City Bus runs a direct service from the airport to downtown Helsinki and back. The fare is €6,50. For up-to-date timetables see the Finnair website.

Bus number 615 also runs between the airport and city centre but makes a few stops along the way. The run time is appr. 35 minutes and costs €4.

Both bus services terminate at Helsinki Railway Station, which is within walking distance from most of the hotels you’re likely to stay in.

By taxi

The taxi service at the airport is quite efficient and this might be the best option if you have more than light luggage. Taxies, like most things, are expensive in Finland, and the 30 minutes ride to town will cost appr. €35.

There are some specialist airport taxi services available for larger groups.

Getting around in Helsinki

If you booked yourself into one of the recommended hotels, you should be within walking distance from the main conference venue. The public transport network in Helsinki is extensive and more or less punctual, so you can also get around quite easily by local bus or tram.

All public transportation in the Helsinki metropolitan area use the same ticket system. Single tickets can be purchased from the driver. All of Helsinki belongs to a single zone, so there is no need to announce where you are going. Single tickets cost €2,50. The ticket is valid for one hour from purchase and you can transfer freely from one line to another for that time.

If you plan on exploring the city by public transport, the online journey planner works very well.