The TIME Magazine corpus

(Entry based on information on the corpus website)

The TIME Magazine corpus consists of 275,000+ texts from from the TIME Archive, which is freely available online. It is the largest diachronic corpus of 20th century English, and due to its size allows for accurate analysis of linguistic change across the decades.

Project leaders: Mark Davies
Time of compilation: 2000–2003
Size: 100 million words
Language: American English
Number of texts/samples: 275,000
Period: 1923–present
Released: 2007
Project home page:

Reference line and copyright

Davies, Mark. (2007–) TIME Magazine Corpus (100 million words, 1920s-2000s). Available online at




Professor Mark Davies


Freely available at (registration required).

Associated projects

Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA)
Corpus of Historical Americal English (COHA)