The Small Corpus of Political Speeches

This corpus is being developed as part of Corpus Methodology courses taught by Jukka Tyrkkö at the Unit of English at the Department of Modern Languages, University of Helsinki. The corpus includes full-length speeches delivered by elected politicians and other civic leaders. It is primarily useful for the study of speech structure, the use of rhetorical devices, and the grammatical features of texts of the written-to-be-spoken type.

Project leaders: Jukka Tyrkkö
Time of compilation: 2007– in progress
Size: 2.15 million words
Language: English
Number of texts/samples: 565
Period at present: 1545–2010
Availability: on request

Reference line and copyright

The Small Corpus of Political Speeches. 2010. Compiled under the supervision of Jukka Tyrkkö (University of Helsinki).


The project is lead by Dr. Jukka Tyrkkö (University of Tampere). The corpus has been compiled as part of the course work of several successive corpus methodology courses at the Universities of Helsinki and Tampere, in addition to which a major update was completed in 2014 with the assistance of Ms. Veera Saarimäki at the University of Tampere.


The corpus is available to the students and otherwise by request. So far more than a dozen graduate students and researchers have been granted access to SCPS.