A Corpus of Late Modern British and American English Prose (COLMOBAENG)

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COLMOBAENG (1700-1879) is a 1,170,000 word database comprising texts drawn from both printed and electronic sources;the former are listed further below; the latter include the Century of Prose Corpus, Project Gutenberg, the Online Books Page at the University of Pennsylvania, the Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia, and Chadwyck-Healey’s collections of Early American Fiction, Eighteenth-Century Fiction and Nineteenth-Century Fiction.

Project leader: Teresa Fanego
Time of compilation: 2004-2007
Language:LModBrE, LModAmE
Period: 1700-1879
Size: 1,170,000
Number of texts/samples: 129
Number of authors: 111
Funding: Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation and European Regional Development Fund (grants HUM2004-00940, HUM2007-60706)
Project home page:http://www.usc-teresafanego.es/research.html


Reference line and copyright

COLMOBAENG is available without fee for educational and research purposes, but it is not in the public domain.


Teresa Fanego  <http://www.usc-teresafanego.es/index.html>


Open access. Users need to agree formally to the conditions of use by filling out an access request form and returning it via e-mail to Teresa Fanego (teresa.fanego@usc.es).