The Corpus of Nineteenth-century Newspaper English (CNNE)

Project leaders:Erik Smitterberg
Size: 320,000 words, 200 texts
Compilation: 2009 - work in progress
Period: 1830-1895
Project home page:
Funding: The compilation of the current version of CNNE was funded by a research grant from the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities.

The Corpus of Nineteenth-century Newspaper English (CNNE) includes texts from provincial and metropolitan newspapers published in England within the periods 1830-1850 and 1875-1895. The subgenres included are editorials and reportage. The current size of the corpus is c. 320,000 words.

The corpus texts are stored as plain text files at present.

Reference line and copyright

CNNE = The Corpus of Nineteenth-century Newspaper English, compiled by Erik Smitterberg (Uppsala University).


CNNE is currently an in-house corpus at the Department of English, Uppsala University.


Smitterberg, Erik. Forthcoming (2014). "Syntactic Stability and Change in Nineteenth-century Newspaper Language". In: Hundt, Marianne (ed.), Late Modern English Syntax. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 311-329.