A Corpus of History English Texts (CHET)

The Corpus of English History Texts (CHET) is the fourth sub-corpus of the Coruña family, currently under construction. It intends to complement the other sub-corpora in the series since this, the same as CEPhiT, belongs to the Humanities. Together with the preceding three, it can be used to carry out comparative studies and obtain some conclusions regarding the development of the discursive patterns of the Humanities as opposed to the Hard Sciences. CHET contains a wide range of genres typical of the field during the late Modern English period. Each text file is accompanied by a metadata file containing information about the text sampled and its author’s sociolinguistic background. Metadata files are also used to select the texts to work with though the Coruña Corpus Tool (CCT).

Compilers: Members of MUSTE Research Group
Time of compilation: 2010 -
Period: 1700-1900
Size: extracts from 40 works
Language: LModE (scientific)
Project home page: www.udc.es/grupos/muste

Associated projects

It is part of The Coruña Corpus of English Scientific Writing (CC) and its subcorpora.