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Kirsi Kuoppamäki, PhD


Department of Environmental Sciences
University of Helsinki
Niemenkatu 73, 15140 Lahti

phone +358-9-19120325
fax +358-9-19157561


Street in Lahti, photo: Minna Puntila

The Master’s Degree Programme in Multidisciplinary Studies on Urban Environmental Issues (MURE) started in the fall of 2010 (two academic years). The second round of the programme started in the fall of 2012. The goal of the programme is to respond, in part, to challenges brought about by urbanisation and environmental awareness. The programme pursues to understand and mitigate environmental problems due to urbanisation, such as human-induced impacts on the urban biota, changes to the hydrology and biogeochemistry of soil, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, as well as their socioeconomic couplings and feedbacks. The emphasis of the programme is on urban environmental ecology, addressing terrestrial, soil and aquatic ecology as well as ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry. The major subject study of the programme is ecological and environmental sciences.

The programme is organised by the Department of Environmental Sciences, located at university campuses in the cities of Lahti and Helsinki. MURE is primarily taught in Lahti, but some elective and free choise courses can also be taken in Helsinki.

Courses currently given in Lahti

Spread the word! Download the MURE brochure here (pdf, 1.24 MB)

Unfortuantely MURE cannot take on any new students at the moment.

Keywords: MSc, Masters, Higher education, Urban, Ecology, Graduate programme, Graduate program, Postgraduate, City

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