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Yliopistonkatu 2 F
P.O. Box 3, 00014 University of Helsinki
Phone +358-(0)2941-22125
E-mail: urapalvelut(at)

Contact infomation and personnel


A few tips for job-hunting

Make use of the guidebooks

Use all means, but contact employers directly

  • Remember that only 30% of job vacancies are announced publicly.

  • Seek innovative places of work: they think highly of new approaches that enrich the company's working culture, improve the staff's language competence, etc.

  • Think of possible places of work for international students: a reception centre for refugees or asylum seekers, immigrant projects, embassies, personnel leasing companies, etc.

  • Contact foreign language kindergartens or schools; they may need substitute teachers. Through these institutions you may also find baby sitting jobs in foreign language families.

  • Contact import/export companies: competence in English and Russian are appreciated.

  • When you are searching for a job in which Finnish is not essential enter the following as search words: English, Russian, student, export, import, the etc. Google!

  • Think of possible job opportunities you may create yourself. For example, a Chinese student may serve as a good coach for a person about to leave for China on business.

  • Look for a place of work where your colleagues are educated and know foreign languages: even cleaning jobs or restaurant work can be difficult to find without a working knowledge of Finnish.

  • Make a good CV (curriculum vitae) in English.

    Tips for CV and applications:
    Sample CV_and_covering letter in English.
    CVTips > How to promote yourself with a CV?
    Engineers International > Good tips for career planning and preparing a CV for everybody – not just for engineers!
    > Information on job-hunting

  • Phone or pay a visit. That's much more effective than just filling in an application form.
  • Be energetic and daring, not humble, aggressive, or arrogant!
  • Sell your skills: language skills, computing skills, knowledge of various cultures, etc.

  • And finally, if you are planning to stay in Finland, learn Finnish.
    Finnish language courses in the Helsinki region, all levels

  • You may find Google Translate helpful in translating for example Finnish job advertisements or web pages. Remember though that the programme may not always give 100% correct translation.

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Calendar of upcoming events:

Most of our events and workshops are held in Finnish.

Job advertisements

Most of the advertisements are written in Finnish.