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Courses in Career Planning

Curriculum for Career - Study module

Career Services builds bridges between students and employers, and organizes career orientation training for the University students and staff.

As a new service Career Services offer career orientation training in English for the international degree students. The objectives for the Curriculum for Career training module are:

  • Students learn to assess their knowledge and skills
  • Students know how to match their personal skills with the job requirements
  • Students learn to understand how to plan their studies, and how motivation, self-confidence and understanding on requirements of the labor market affects on their career opportunities
  • Students receive better understanding on the job application procedure

The Curriculum for Career course consists of five training sessions, and project work (together 28 h). You can attend for the individual training session (3h lecture + 3 hours home work), or combine it with the whole Curriculum for Career -course. You can negotiate with your faculty/department about the study points.

Training sessions consist of lectures and project work with career orientation exercises. Students who wish to complete the Curriculum for Career -course (28 h), a journal on personal career plan is required in the end of the course. A certificate for completing the course will be given by the Career Services.

Training sessions are open for all the University of Helsinki degree students and staff. Each training session consist of project work, and homework. Curriculum Vitae and Journal on personal career path is required for Students who wish to complete the whole Curriculum for Career -Course.


Career and work life orientation courses during the academic year 2011-2012

Please note that several faculties and Master´s programs have their own career and work life orientation courses. The structure and content of these courses are close to the Curriculum for Career course.
ICE, ATCM & TRANSMED programs have their own courses. See WebOodi for more information.

Curriculum for Career course
12.3. - 16.4.2012, Mondays 14.15 - 17.00 (2 - 5 pm) at University Main Building, Fabianinkatu 33, lecture room (sali) 3. (9.4. no lecture.)
Open for all University of Helsinki students.




Urasuunnittelupyramidi: Soveltaen Samson, J. & al. (2004) urasuunnittelun pyramidimallin pohjalta

Contents of the course:

Part 1. Self assessment skills


The objective of this training is to learn to recognize your personal strengths, and areas of improvement when planning for a career. Self-evaluation will provide you with the necessary tools to market your knowledge and skills to a potential employer. Your skills, interests, personality, and values play an important role in your career choice. A self assessment should be the first step you take when choosing an occupation. Learning about yourself helps you figure out what career to pursue.


  • career orientation
  • self- assessment (skills, values, areas of interest)
  • academic knowledge and expertise
  • marketing your own skills

Part 2. Career opportunities


How to build networks and investigate career opportunities? The objectives for this training session are to understand the personal active role in your job hunt and to find ways to access the visible and "invisible" information on the labor market. Thinking, planning and understanding the combination of your own skill capacity and the job requirements becomes easier when you can process it in a group.


  • career opportunities: matching own skills with the labor market requirements
  • trends and myths of career planning
  • building networks

Part 3. From decision making to action planning


Plan and schedule! How your studies match with your dream career? The objective for this training session is to guide students with their study plan, and other personal plans affecting their future choices. Students learn to set boundaries for their plans and self-directed thinking on their decision making.


  • motivational aspect of career planning
  • self-directed learning
  • study plan
  • decision making in action

Part 4. Job hunting skills

4 a. Application Documents


The objective for this training session is that students learn to apply their knowledge and skills on application documents. The application procedure will be introduced, and students will understand the importance of matching their skills with the job requirements.


  • applying the self-assessment into the cv
  • analysing the job adds
  • cv-feedback and application documents
  • communication with the employees
  • quality job hunting strategies

4b. Job Interview


“How To Get The Job You Interview For “? Students learn to express their knowledge and skills, and they understand that interviewing process reveals their motivation, self-confidence and understanding on requirements of the labor market.


  • preparing for an interview
  • interview process
  • matching personal skills with the job requirements
  • elevator speech

The Curriculum for Career Course content and materials will be available at Moodle!

Curriculum for Career -courses



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