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Summer issue 2005

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12.6. Jukka Kola elected as rector of the University of Helsinki

3.6. A vegetable bed on the red planet


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The quarterly of the University of Helsinki
Roses for every day of the year
Growing roses year-round is exacting work in cold, dark Finland. New research has brought the necessary information on production techniques to commercial greenhouses, thanks to which high-quality roses can be grown without large surface areas. READ MORE

Europe of churches
Christianity has left a deep mark on European culture and society. Even during the Cold War, churches had an important influence behind the scenes, and sometimes they were vigorous opponents of communism. Today, the power of churches is manifested through individuals, and not so obviously in the upper echelons of politics. READ MORE

A look behind the disability
Society’s inability to see and hear the disabled behind the disability deprives them of the chance of a good life. READ MORE


Editorial: READ

Bologna Process at the University of Helsinki READ

Physichs as a global language READ

Identifying Redpolls READ

Biologist and musician READ

De l’eau dans un accélérateur de particules READ

Le bâtisseur de la goutte, l’architecte du cristal de neige READ

The cell's internal traffic rules READ

Finnish in Finnish in Beijing READ

In a retreat the way leads inwards READ

Finland of my dream READ

Who is the fairest of them all? READ

Shoguns governed by ritual READ

From the backyard to the Pyrenees READ

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