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Spring issue 2003

The quarterly of the University  of Helsinki

Away we go!
For ecologist Vesa Selonen, his nature hobby became his daily bread. As the object of his research, he has chosen the little researched Siberian flying squirrel (Pteromys volans). This charming and exciting little creature, fondly termed the “flying potholder”, is found within the present EU only in the forests of Finland. READ MORE

Le siècle du collage
Le cinéma, l’authentique histoire en filigrane du XXe siècle, constitue en tant que phénomène social, moyen d’expression artistique et du fait de sa nature mêmeun matériau essentiel lorsqu’il s’agitde partir à la recherche du temps perdu, expose Peter von Bagh dans la thèse. READ MORE

Tracing the stork
Knowing the cause of childlessness does not always guarantee successful infertility treatment. In Finland, unexplained infertility is treated with good results, proves a recent doctoral dissertation. READ MORE


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