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Reform of the degree structure at the University of Helsinki

Reform of the degree structure:

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General principles in the transition period

Under the Universities Act, the transition period associated with the degree reform will conclude on 31 July 2010 in the degree programmes of Master of Science (Architecture), Master of Science (Technology), Master of Science (Landscape Architecture), Licentiate of Veterinary Medicine, Licentiate of Dentistry and Licentiate of Medicine, and on 31 July 2008 in other fields. Finnish universities will decide on practices and procedures in the transition period. After the transition, students can no longer complete degrees according to the old degree system.

The transition of postgraduate (3rd cycle) students to the new degree system must be as flexible as possible. When deciding on principles applied in the transition period and on individual cases, the University must ensure that the transition does not unnecessarily hinder or extend doctoral studies. For example, previously completed studies should be included in the new degree as fully as possible.

Faculties will draw up instructions applying to the transition period and will inform their students of the content of these instructions.