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FI-00014 University of Helsinki
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The Research Affairs

Research Affairs supports the University management in strategic duties related to research policy and bears the overall responsibility for expert services in research.

University of Helsinki Research Services helps researchers and research groups plan and acquire funding, resolve legal issues related to research, cooperate with businesses, and nurture research-based entrepreneurial activities. At the University of Helsinki, innovation services are provided by Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd (HIS).

The Research Affairs sector is headed by Director of Development Ritva Dammert
Tel.+358 294 191 22292, +358 50 568 7969

Further information on research activities can be found on the website of the University of Helsinki under ‘Science and Research’.


Current Affairs

Research Funding Forum 4.2.2014:

  • Pasi Sihvonen, University of Helsinki
  • Kirsty Hewitson, Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd
  • Jaana Roos, Academy of Finland
  • Atte Moilanen, University of Helsinki