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Toward a Science of Consciousness is the largest and the longest-running conference series that emphasizes broad and rigorous interdisciplinary approaches to conscious awareness. The conference brings together perspectives, orientations and methodologies from neuroscience, philosophy, medicine, quantum physics, cosmology, biology, psychology, anthropology, artificial intelligence, technology, contemplative and experiential traditions, the arts, culture, humanities and others.

Around 400 researchers and scholars are expected to visit TSC 2015 in Helsinki, which offers an excellent opportunity for book publishers and other sponsors to get in touch with this group of researchers and scholars.

If you are interested in knowing what kind of sponsoring opportunities we can develop for your business in the context of TSC 2015, please contact the conference manager, Ms. Päivi Seppälä,

Price examples (without VAT):

  • TSC 2015 Main Sponsor Title: 5 000 €
  • Ad in the TSC book of abstracts (full page): 400 €
  • One-page inserts inside the TSC 2015 delegate packs: 300 €

Financial Supporters and Sponsors

Sponsors: Exhibition and conference materials