The Master's Degree Programme in Translational Medicine



Translational medicine aims to facilitate new therapies and medical procedures by implementing the findings in basic research in patient care, and by applying clinical data in basic research. This requires understanding of both science and medicine. The core of TRANSMED consists of medical sciences, up-to-date methodology, interdisciplinary communication skills and practical training in research groups. Clinical rounds with a specialist physician mentor at the Helsinki University Hospital will permit the students to directly encounter the practice of medicine, from the viewpoint of a physician and a patient.

Upon graduation you can be expected to:

  • Be fluent in medical sciences and clinical practice from the point of view of a researcher
  • Be familiar with up-to-date translational research methodologies
  • Be adept at scientific reasoning and critical analysis of scientific literature
  • Acknowledge the regulatory and ethical aspects of biomedical and clinical research
  • Have mastered scientific and medical terminologies
  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, enabling you to find employment in an international and interdisciplinary professional setting

During your first study year you can choose any of the five specialisation options: Neuroscience and psychobiology, Regenerative medicine, Metabolic disorders, Cancer, or Cross-disciplinary translational medicine.

After completion of their Master of Science degree in Translational Medicine the students are eligible and strongly encouraged to apply to the several PhD training programmes within the Faculty of Medicine.

We welcome dedicated applicants from various disciplines: natural sciences or life sciences (for example biomedicine or computer science)  or related fields (e.g. psychology and engineering).