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En route to the Doctorate

General instructions:

Publication of the dissertation

Helsinki University Library

Having been given the right to defend the dissertation, the doctoral candidate should have the manuscript printed (at a printing press of his or her choice) or should publish it electronically. English-language instructions for printing the dissertation are available in the dissertation are available in the Unigrafia guide to doctoral candidates. Further information on electronic publication is available at The doctoral candidate must also see to the distribution of dissertation copies, arrangement of the public examination and possible festivities, and provision of information on the dissertation.

In addition to the dissertation copies printed for the doctoral candidate's own use or for sale, the candidate must print copies to be submitted to the University for fre (90 copies)e. In case of electronic publications, a number of printed copies must also be submitted to the University (30 copies). More information in Finnish

As the name suggests, the public examination of a dissertation is open to the general public. For ten days before its examination, the dissertation must be displayed for public viewing on the University's official notice board in the ground floor lobby of the Main Building (address: Fabianinkatu 33). The head porter will post the title page of the dissertation on the notice board and the dissertation is available for public viewing in the head porter's room (Fabianinkatu 33, room 1131). If the dissertation is completed just before the deadline, the doctoral candidate may apply to the Faculty Dean for permission to display the dissertation to the public only for five days. This application must be submitted before the ten-day period set for public display begins.

The doctoral candidate must submit to the head porter of the Main Building (Fabianinkatu 33, ground floor) three (3) printed copies of the dissertation at least ten days before the public examination. The head porter will deliver one copy each to the Chancellor and the Rector, and one copy is available for public viewing in the head porter's room (Fabianinkatu 33, room 1131).

The head porter also attends to the distribution of dissertations written by students of the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science. Faculty offices will provide more detailed instructions for the distribution of dissertations at the same time that the permission to defend the dissertation is given.

It is customary that the doctoral candidate personally hands over his or her dissertation to the Opponent and the Custos.

Doctoral candidates may apply to the University for financial support (max. 1000€) to cover the expenses of the copies submitted to the University for free. The application form is available at Enquiries: tel. (09) 191 22386.

Doctoral candidates are also advised to seek information on whether it is possible to make tax deductions for expenses related to the dissertation.