Professor Raimo Tuomela - Downloadable papers



Collective intentionality and Social Agents
Paper invited for the AI conference IMF, Touluose, May 21-23, 2001.

Chapter 1: Introducing Social Action and Cooperation
From the book Cooperation (Kluwer 2000). See also the table of contents.

On the Structural Aspects of Collective Action and Free-Riding
Published in Theory and Decision 32 (1992), 165-202.

Group Beliefs
Publishes in Synthese 91 (1992), 285-318.

Corporate Intention and Corporate Action
Published in Analyse und Kritik 15 (1993), 11-21.

In Search for the Common Mind. A Critical Notice of Philip Pettit's The Common Mind
Published in International Journal of Philosophical Studies 2 (1994), 206-231.

Norms and Agreement
Published in European Journal of Law, Philosophy and Computer Science 5 (1995), 41-46.

Philosophy and Distributed Artificial Intelligence: The Case of Joint Intention
Published in Jennings, N. and O'Hare, G. (eds.), Foundations of Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Wiley, New York (1996), pp. 487-503.

Collective Acceptance, Social Institutions, and Social Reality
Published in David Koepsell and Laurence Moss (eds.), John Searle's Ideas About Social Reality: Extensions, Criticisms and Reconstructions, Blackwell, Malden, MA, pp. 123-165 (also in American Journal of Sociology and Economics 62, 123-165).

Collective Goals and Communicative Action
Published in Journal of Philosophical Research 27, 29-64.

Belief versus Acceptance
Published in Philosophical Explorations 2, 122-137, 2000.

We-Intentions Revisited
Philosophical Studies 125, 327-369.

Group Knowledge Analyzed
Episteme 1, n:o 2, 109-127, 2004.

Cooperation and Trust in Group Context (with Maj Tuomela)
Mind and Society 4, 49-84, 2005.

Joint Intention, the We-mode and the I-mode
Midwest Studies in Philosophy XXX, 35-58, 2006.

From the book The Philosophy of Sociality: The Shared Point of View, Oxford University Press, 2007.

Chapter 1: Acting as a Group Member
From the book The Philosophy of Sociality: The Shared Point of View, Oxford University Press, 2007.

Two Kinds of We-Reasoning (with Raul Hakli and Kaarlo Miller)
Economics and Philosophy 26, 291-320, 2010.