Philosophy of Science (PoS) Seminar

Coordinated by Caterina Marchionni (caterina.marchionni(at)

Spring 2018

  • 22.1. Raj Patel (University of Pennsylvania):
    There are rules, and there are rules: Neo-institutionalism and the foundations of corruption
    14-16 Porthania, room P673

  • 29.1. Jaakko Kuorikoski (TINT & University of Tampere):
    There are no mathematical explanations
    14-16 Porthania, room P673

  • 5.2. (Note! 16-18) Carlo Martini (TINT & Vita-Salute San Raffaele University):
    Ad hominem arguments in science
    16-18 Porthania, room P673

  • 5.3. Aki Lehtinen & Jani Raerinne (TINT):
    Simulated data
    14-16 Porthania, room P673

  • 12.3. Luis Mireles Flores (TINT):
    Economic modelling and policy relevance
    14-16 Porthania, room P673

  • 19.3. Agora for Interdisciplinary Debate:
    "Is it up to individuals to save the world? Science, ethics, politics, markets, environment"
    See AID for more details.
    14-16 Forestry House, room 6

  • 26.3. Magdalena Małecka (TINT):
    Economics imperialism: epistemic advancement, abuse of power, or both?
    14-16 Main Building, room 14 (N.B. change of venue!)

  • 9.4. Tuukka Kaidesoja (TINT):
    Building Middle-Range Theories from Case Studies
    14-16 Forestry House, room 12 (N.B. change of venue!)

  • 16.4. Chiara Lisciandra (TINT & University of Groningen) and Michiru Nagatsu (TINT):
    Is behavioral game theory economists’ game? The concept of beliefs in equilibrium
    14-16 Forestry House, room 12

  • 23.4. Uskali Mäki (TINT):
    Toys, models, toy models
    14-16 Forestry House, room 12

  • 7.5. Säde Hormio (TINT):
    Ignorance and Institutions
    14-16 Forestry House, room 12

  • 14.5. Kirsten Walsh (University of Nottingham):
    Scaffolding the Theory of Fits: hypotheses in Newton’s Opticks
    14-16 Forestry House, room 12

  • 21.5. Jaana Virta (University of Tampere):
    The Point of Alief and Why We Need The Concept
    14-16 Forestry House, room 12

  • 4.6. Lilian O'Brien (University College Cork):
    Intention and the First Person Perspective
    14-16 Forestry House, room 12

  • 11.6. Susanne Uusitalo (University of Turku):
    On Vulnerability
    14-16 Forestry House, room 12

  • 18.6. Inkeri Koskinen (TINT):
    Epistemic success and societal impact in extra-academic collaborations
    14-16 Forestry House, room 12

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