Uskali Mäki

Academy Professor, Academy of Finland

Professor of Social and Moral Philosophy, University of Helsinki

Director of the Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in the Philosophy of
the Social Sciences

Former Professor and Director at Erasmus Institute for Philosophy
and Economics [EIPE], Erasmus University of Rotterdam (1995-2006)
Former Editor of Journal of Economic Methodology [JEM](1996-2005)
Former Chair of the International Network for Economic Method [INEM]



Areas of interest and expertise

Philosophy of science, Philosophy of economics, Models, Scientific realism, Interdisciplinarity, Economic methodology, Social studies of science, Social ontology, Rhetoric of inquiry


Latest publications

Mäki, Uskali (2013) "Scientific Imperialism: Difficulties in Definition, Identification, and Assessment" International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 27(3), 325-339.
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Mäki, Uskali (2013) "Mark Blaug's unrealistic crusade for realistic economics" Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics 6(3), 87-103.
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Mäki, Uskali (2013) "Performativity: Saving Austin from Mackenzie". In: EPSA11 Perspectives and Foundational Problems in Philosophy of Science. Vassilios Karakostas and Dennis Dieks (eds), Dordrecht: Springer 2013, 443-453.
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Mäki, Uskali (2013) "Maailma markkinoina. Universaalin talousontologian ytimessä ja rajoilla" [The world as markets. At the core and boundaries of a universal economic ontology] In: Talous ja filosofia [Economy and Philosophy]. Ilkka Niiniluoto, Risto Vilkko and Jaakko Kuorikoski (eds), Helsinki: Gaudeamus, 101-123.

Mäki, Uskali (2013) "Contested modelling: The case of economics" In: Models, Simulations, and the Reduction of Complexity (series Abhandlungen der Akademie der Wissenschaften in Hamburg 4). Ulrich Gähde, Stephan Hartmann and Jörn Henning Wolf (eds), Berlin/New York: Walter de Gruyter, 87-106.

Mäki, Uskali (2013) "On a paradox of truth, or how not to obscure the issue of whether explanatory models can be true" Journal of Economic Methodology 20(3), 268-279.
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Latest and upcoming activities

Ihminen ja Kosmos: Kohti täydellistä [Man and Cosmos: Towards perfection]. Kuhmo, Finland, 21-22 March 2014. Invited speaker.

IX Annual Estonian Philosophy Conference. Tallinn University of Technology, 13-14 December 2013. Keynote on "Philosophy of interdisciplinarity: A manifesto".

International Conference on New Political Science and Philosophy. University of Havana, 19-22 November 2013. "Scientific imperialism: the good, the bad, and the ugly".

2 Congreso Nacional de Investigacion Economica, Mexico City
- UNAM, Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas, 11 November 2013, keynote on "Economics and interdisciplinarity".
- El Colegio de México, 12 November 2013, keynote on "How can unrealistic models be true?"
- Instituto Politécnico Nacional, 13 November 2013, keynote on "Economic crisis and the alleged failure of economics as a modeling malfunction".
- UNAM, Facultad de Economía, 14 November 2013, keynote on "Economics as an expansive discipline".

EAEPE Annual Conference. Paris, France, 7. – 9.11.2013. EAEPE Council meeting; Organizing sessions on the methodology of economics. Paper on "What drives interdisciplinarity".

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