4th Conference of the

Helsinki, Finland, 28-31 August 2013

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Submission deadline: 15 January 2013

The Fourth Conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association (EPSA) will be organized and hosted by the Finnish Centre of Excellence in the Philosophy of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki, Finland, 28-31 August 2013.

EPSA invites contributed papers and proposals for symposia.

The conference has eight sections:

  1. General philosophy of science
  2. Philosophy of the physical sciences
  3. Philosophy of the life sciences
  4. Philosophy of the cognitive sciences
  5. Philosophy of the social sciences
  6. Philosophy of technology and applied research
  7. Formal philosophy of science
  8. Historical, social and cultural studies in philosophy of science

INVITED SPEAKERS: Alison Wylie (University of Washington), Martin Kusch (University of Vienna), Hannes Leitgeb (University of Munich)

CONTRIBUTED PAPERS: Please submit an abstract of 1000 words prepared for blind review. Abstracts should start with the number and title of the relevant section. The allocated time for delivering contributed papers at the conference will be 30 minutes, including discussion.

SYMPOSIUM PROPOSALS: Please submit a full proposal that includes the number and title of the relevant section, the title of the proposed symposium, a general description of the topic and its significance (up to 1500 words), and titles and abstracts of all papers (up to 300 words for each paper). The symposium proposals should be prepared for blind review, but make sure that you provide separately a list of all participants (including the chair) and their contact information (institutional affiliation and e-mail addresses), and indicate the organizer(s) of the symposium proposal (who may or may not be a proposed speaker). Accepted symposia will be allocated 120 minutes, including discussion. They can have any format but the maximum number of speakers is 5. Symposium proposals that explore connections between different areas or research programs in philosophy of science or between philosophy of science and sciences are encouraged.

Please note that no one will be permitted to present more than one paper (either a symposium paper or a contributed paper including papers jointly authored with others) on the EPSA 13 program. All submissions will be reviewed, but in case both a symposium paper and a contributed paper by the same author(s) are under consideration for the program, the priority will be given to the symposium paper. Symposium participants are kindly asked to inform their symposium organizers if they are involved in more than one symposium proposal. Similarly, co-authors of papers are kindly asked to inform their co-authors if they are authors in other papers.

All questions about submissions should be directed to the co-chairs of the Program Committee for EPSA 13: Stéphanie Ruphy (stephanie.ruphy@wanadoo.fr) and Gerhard Schurz (gerhard.schurz@phil-fak.uni-duesseldorf.de). Members of the Program Committee and Local Organizing Committee for EPSA 13 are listed at http://www.helsinki.fi/epsa13/.

All submissions have to be made electronically through the EasyChair system at


Please notice that first time users have to register as users of the EasyChair conference system.


15 January 2013: Submission deadline (contributed papers and symposia)
15 April 2013: Notification of acceptance
15 June 2013: Early registration deadline
28-31 August 2013: Conference



Gerhard Schurz (Germany)
Stephanie Ruphy (France)

Alban Bouvier (France)
Christine Clavien (Switzerland)
Ellen Clarke (UK)
Isabelle Drouet (France)
Kevin Elliott (USA)
Jan Faye (Denmark)
Mathias Frisch (USA/Germany)
Maria Carla Galavotti (Italy)
Alexandre Guay (France)
Sven Hansson (Sweden)
Stephan Hartmann (Netherland/Germany)
Rafaela Hillerbrand (Germany)
Leon Horsten (UK)
Janet Kourany (USA)
Bernd Lahno (Germany)
Endla Lohkivi (Estonia)
Nancy Nersessian (USA)
David Papineau (UK)
Wendy Parker (USA)
Helmut Pulte (Germany)
Athanassios Raftopoulos (Cyprus)
Alexander Reutlinger (Germany)
Samuel Schindler (Denmark)
Sonja Smets (Netherlands)
Katie Steele (UK)
Michael Stöltzner (USA/Austria)
Mauricio Suarez (Spain)
David Teira (Spain)
Charlotte Werndl (UK)
Jan Wolenski (Poland)


Uskali Mäki

Kristina Rolin
Jaakko Kuorikoski
Tarja Knuuttila
Petri Ylikoski
Samuli Pöyhönen
Päivi Seppälä
Ilmari Hirvonen