Raimo Tuomela awarded with Academy award

Director Mäki awarded with the Science Community's Golden Medal

Director Mäki conferred with decoration of Knight

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TINT welcomes new PhD student Teemu Lari

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Fellowship for Säde Hormio

Director Mäki's column on TINT in the EPSA Newsletter

Philosophy at Uni Helsinki ranked 21st by QS World University Rankings

Interview of director Mäki (in Finnish)

TINT welcomes new visiting researchers

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Fellowship for Alkistis Elliott-Graves

Philosophy at Uni Helsinki ranked 24th by QS World University Rankings

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Dissertation: Säde Hormio

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Social Ontology 2019
The 6th Biennial ENSO Conference
22-24 August 2019
Conference website

INEM 2019
The 14th conference of the International Network for Economic Methodology
19-21 August 2019
Conference website

Research, Trust and Policy
Workshop in Helsinki
4-5 October 2018
Workshop website and Call for Papers
Workshop programme

Multiple Models
Workshop in Helsinki
2-3 October 2018
Workshop website and programme

Agora for Interdisciplinary Debate:
"Is it up to individuals to save the planet? Science, ethics, politics, markets, environment"
Eva Heiskanen (Consumer Society Research Centre)
James Shortle (Pennsylvania State University)
Sami Pihlström (University of Helsinki)
Antti Iho (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
19 March 2018 14-16
Forest House, Unioninkatu 40, room 6
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Fake news! Neoliberalism, post-truth politics and propensities for violence. Discussion addressing S.M. Amadae's Prisoners of Reason.
19 December 2017 16:00-18:00 + reception
Venue: Think Corner, Lounge (2nd floor), Yliopistonkatu 4, Helsinki
Event poster

Philosophy, Science, and Society – Issues of Impact and Beyond
Current Trends in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences IV
Symposium in Helsinki
15 December 2017
Symposium Program

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TINT is the largest and most respected research centre in the philosophy of the social sciences in the world. The work carried out at TINT has contributed greatly to directing the attention of philosophers of science to the social sciences, helping us all to overcome an almost exclusive attention to the natural sciences from the early days of the discipline.

Even for philosophy of science in general, TINT must be considered one of the two most important research institutes in the world, along with the Center for Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh. It should be considered the pride of Finnish academia.

Hasok Chang
Hans Rausing Professor of History
and Philosophy of Science
University of Cambridge

TINT is by far the most sophisticated and productive institute internationally for work on the philosophy and methodology of the social sciences. TINT has continually produced cutting edge research and publications in the field and has assembled an amazing group of researchers. There is no research group anywhere addressing the philosophy and methodology of the social sciences with the sophistication and depth of TINT.

Prof. Harold Kincaid
University of Cape Town

'Common knowledge': In game theory, one fact is common knowledge within a game if every player knows it, every player knows that every other player knows it, every player knows that every player knows that every player knows it, and so on. Example: The fact that TINT is the best place in the world to do philosophy of social sciences.

Prof. Jesús Zamora Bonilla

By bringing together an impressive collection of highly productive thinkers and organising thought-provoking events addressing leading edge questions in the field, Helsinki's TINT Centre of Excellence has become one of the world's leading centres for the philosophy of the social sciences.

Dr. Dave Elder-Vass
Loughborough University