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Faculty of Theology
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Understand religion to understand the world - Welcome to homepage of the Faculty of Theology

Highest quality research and teaching

The Faculty of Theology is committed to researching the significance of religion individually, culturally and socially, in order to provide informed comment on the enourmous challenges facing contemporary Europe, such as religious fundamentalism, multiculturalism, inter-faith dialogue, value pluralism and social welfare.

The Faculty has one of the highest numbers of theology students (ca. 2000) in Europe and is a non-denominational academic community.

Studying and degrees awarded at the Faculty

The undergraduate degrees in the Faculty of Theology are the Bachelor of Theology and Master of Theology. Studies leading to these degrees are offered in entirely in Finnish.

The Faculty has also two Master's level degree programmes in English: Master of Theology with specialisation in The Religious Roots of Europe and Master of Theology with specialisation in The Religion, Conflict and Dialogue.

The primary postgraduate degree in the Faculty of Theology is the Doctor of Theology (Dr. theol.) degree. The Faculty of Theology also offers the degrees of Licentiate of Theology (Th. lic.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).

Centres of Excellences (CoE)

The Faculty is hosting currently two Centres of Excellence (CoE) in Research (2014-2019) funded by the Academy of Finland:
CoE in Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions
CoE in Reason and Religious Recognition.