Teologisen tiedekunnan tohtoripromootio

What is a Conferment Ceremony - A Short Glossary

Conferment Dinner – Dinner arranged on the evening of the actual Conferment Ceremony.

Conferment Outing – An informal outing arranged for the doctors the day after the Conferment Ceremony.

Conferrer – The eldest of the professors of the faculty is given the honour of the Conferrer, who is the highest-ranking official of the ceremony. Confers the academic status of doctor to the promovendi. The Conferrer at this Ceremony was Professor Aila Lauha.

Head Marshal – The Head Marshal is responsible, together with the Master of Ceremonies, for the smooth running of the event. Is in charge of the marshals during the festivities and can be recognized by a blue sash. The Head Marshal at this Ceremony was Docent Heikki Pesonen.

Honorary DoctorsDoctor honoris causa. An honorary doctorate may be awarded to anyone that the faculty deems to have deserved the honour, regardless of their prior educational background. It is the highest honorific that a University can bestow on anyone.

Jubilee DoctorDoctor semisaecularis. Jubilee doctors are those who were conferred 50 years ago.

Marshals – University students who assist the Head Marshal and the Master of Ceremonies during the festivities. Their duties include guiding guests and standing as the honorary guard, as well as making sure that the events proceed as planned. Marshals can be identified by long colourful sashes worn over the shoulder and the student cap.

Master of Ceremonies – The person who is responsible for the all the ceremonial aspects of the event, together with the Head Marshal. The Master of Ceremonies can be recognized by the red sash. At this Ceremony the Master of Ceremonies was Docent Outi Lehtipuu.

Matricula – This is a register of all participants - new doctors, honorary doctors and jubilee doctors.


Officiant – An official of the conferment ceremony chosen by the faculty: the Conferrer, the Master of Ceremonies and the Head Marshal.

Primus / prima – The doctor with the highest mark for his/her thesis. He/she will answer a question posed by a professor of his/her discipline and, as a representative of all the promovendi, thus proves their learning. Doctor primus in 2017 was Aappo Laitinen.

Promovendus (pl. promovendi) – A Doctor of Theology or a Doctor of Philosophy who will have their rank bestowed onto them at the ceremony.

Ultimus / ultima – The doctor with the second highest marks for his/her thesis. Doctrix ultima in 2017 was Nina Nikki.