Teologisen tiedekunnan tohtoripromootio

Doctoral Conferment Ceremony of the Faculty of Theology 2017

The Doctoral Conferment Ceremony of the Faculty of Theology was celebrated on Friday 9 June 2017. This traditional event celebrates the highest academic achievements. The traditions around the Conferment Ceremony started in the mediaeval European universities and a part of the symbols of the Ceremony have their roots in the civilizations of ancient Rome and Greece.

The year 2017 is a jubilee year for our Faculty in more than one way. Finland will celebrate its 100 years of independence, which will show in the various events at the University of Helsinki during this year. Besides the Conferment Ceremony of our Faculty of Theology, also the Faculties of Law and Philosophy arranged their own Ceremonies.

It is also significant to the field of theological studies that 2017 is an anniversary year of the Reformation. The legacy of the Reformation that started exactly 500 years ago is important, not only to the Faculty of Theology, but also to the Finnish society and cultural life in general.

During the Ceremony were conferred the Doctors of Theology and Doctors of Philosophy of our Faculty. Furthermore, also seven Honorary Doctors and four Jubilee Doctors, who were conferred 50 years ago, received their honorifics.  

On these pages you can find information on the Ceremony, as well as practical instructions.

As the Conferrer appointed by the Faculty of Theology, I wish to extend my warmest regards to you all.

Aila Lauha 
Conferrer of Doctoral Degrees


There ceremony can be seen at: https://www.helsinki.fi/fi/unitube/video/20621