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Explaining Early Jewish and Christian Movements:
Ritual, Memory and Identity


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Petri Luomanen
Academy research fellow.
Department of Biblical Studies
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Prof. David J. Chalcraft's visits the Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies.
On Thursday, 25 September, Prof. Chalcraft gives a public lecture, *Max Weber Studies Today*, at 14:15-16:00, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Seminar Room (1st floor). He also attends two workshops, arranged by our project and by the Qumran project.

David J. Chalcraft is the Professor of Classical Sociology at the University of Derby, UK. He has published widely on Max Weber, on Herbert Spencer, and on Biblical Studies and Sociology.
In his lecture, Prof. Chalcraft will speak across the range of Weber studies, drawing on the reception of the Protestant Ethic text, and including discussion about ‘culture’.

A Forthcoming workshop:
Workshop on
Texts and Practices
Helsinki, 26-29 August, 2009
Organizers: Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies and the Network for the Study of Early Christianity in Its Greco-Roman Context

The abstract of Minna Shkul's doctoral thesis (Reading Ephesians: Exploring Social Entrepreneurship in the Text) which she defended in December 2007.

Papers presented in the SBL Annual Meeting 2007, San Diego, available as Power Point files:

Abstract available: Jutta Jokiranta, "Social Scientific Approaches to the Dead Sea Scrolls" Northern Scholars Scheme, and Gunning Lecturer 18 Oct. 2007, Edinburgh.

The presentations of the "Purity and Pollution" seminar organized jointly with the Qumran project on 9 Oct. 2007 are available (as pdf files):