Elina Perttilä, Th.M.


Contact Information

  • Faculty of Theology P.O. Box 33 (Aleksanterinkatu 7)
    FI-00014 University of Helsinki
  • elina.perttila at helsinki.fi


Dissertation Project: The Sahidic Coptic Daughter Version of the Septuagint of 1 Samuel

There are two main parts in the dissertation project. The first aim is to describe the Sahidic Coptic version of 1 Samuel as a translation. Detailed analyses concern clause connections and the translator's additions. The second part aims at deciphering the Greek Vorlage used by the Sahidic translator. The emphasis of the second part is to pick up the features that can be used as arguments when discussing the translator's source text.


  • Doctoral Student, University of Helsinki, full-time 2004–
  • Ordination, The Diocese of Helsinki, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, 2003
  • Master of Theology, University of Helsinki, 2002
  • Matriculation Exam, Savonlinnan taidelukio, 1994


  • Finnish translation of Nag Hammadi text VI, 2 “The Thunder, Perfect Mind”. Nag Hammadin kätketty viisaus. Gnostilaisia ja muita varhaiskristillisiä tekstejä, ed. Ismo Dunderberg & Antti Marjanen. Helsinki: WSOY 2001.
  • ”How to Read the Greek Text behind the Sahidic Coptic ”. Scripture in Transition: Essays on Septuagint, Hebrew Bible, and Dead Sea Scrolls in Honour of Raija Sollamo, ed. Anssi Voitila & Jutta Jokiranta. Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Judaism 126. Leiden: Brill 2008, 367–378.
  • Finnish translation of Qumran text 4Q266 (together with Marketta Liljeström). Forthcoming.
  • "Deuteronomy 7:12-19 and 11:29-12:27 in Bohairic". Coptica Argentoratensia: Conférences et documents de la 3e université d'été en papyrologie copte (Strasbourg, 18-25 juillet 2010), Eds. A. Boud?hors, A. Delattre, C. Louis et S. Richter, à paraître en 2012 dans la collection Cahiers de la Bibliothèque Copte (Paris, De Boccard).

Other Interests

  • IGNTP (The International Greek New Testament Project)
  • Coptic Papyrology