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Interviews of IOSOT Main Speakers


On these pages you will find interviews of IOSOT Main Speakers. Who are these scholars? How did they become Biblical scholars? Why should one listen to their papers at IOSOT?

Angelika Berlejung tells about herself and her career

"I was born in Heidelberg, Germany, where I still live. My actual position is in Leipzig, Germany. I am professor of the history and the history of religion of Ancient Israel and its neighboring cultures (Faculty of Theology). I am also professor extraordinaire of Ancient Near Eastern Studies at the University of Stellenbosch (Faculty of Arts) and co-director of the excavations in Qubur al-Walaydah, Israel.

I chose OT studies because I wanted to learn a large quantity of ancient and “dead” languages. The OT was the theological field which offered the largest number of languages... and they were all dead, but useful and nice to learn.

I consider the main achievement of my career to be that I have managed to keep OT Studies and Theology in close touch with Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Assyriology. I have not neglected either side, which can be very hard... And I think that I can claim that my special approach in connecting OT and ANE Studies has been, and is, fruitful for both.

The field of OT studies has changed during my career: cultural anthropology now plays a more important role in OT studies, while the earlier search for Israel’s “proprium” and ethnic categories are no main concern any more. The intercultural and interreligious dynamics between Palestine, Egypt, Philistia, Phoenicia, Syria and Mesopotamia are still a field where much work has to be done in the future."

When asked about the catch with her Monday morning presentation, Berlejung promises: "There will be some surprises, and maybe the audience will listen to the final end of some old errors of longue durée."