The 20th Congress of IOSOT 1 - 6 August, 2010


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Congress Secretary
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International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament (IOSOT)


IOSOT Short Papers Thursday

Apocrypha & Pseudepigrapha (14:00–16:00),
Main Building Aud IX

Chair: Seppo Sipilä

S. Riekert (14:00–14:30): The Rhetoric of the Text of Canticles or the Rhetoric of the Interpreter? Solomon in Canticles

Alice M Sinnott (14:30–15:00): How Exile "land of your enemies... growing old in a foreign country" Functions in Bar 3:9–4:4

Anssi Voitila (15:00–15:30): Sage as a Judge of Nations: Ideological Context of Greek Sir 4:15a

Judith H. Newman (15:30–16:00): The Flourishing of Sophia and the Elevation of the Sage in Greek Sirach Traditions

Genesis (14:00–19:00), Main Building Hall 5

Chair: Kari Latvus

Hanna Tervanotko ( 14:00–14:30): “Bury my dead” (Gen 23:4): Dying Mothers and Fathers in Genesis and in Jubilees

Jan Joosten (14:30–15:00): Abram and Sarai in Egypt

Jakob Wöhrle ( 15:00–15:30): Abraham und das Leben im Ausland – Überlegungen zur Intention der Ahnfrau-Erzählung in Gen 12:10–20

Suzana Chwarts (15:30–16:00): The Meaning of Sterility in the Patriarchal Cycle

16:00–16:30 Afternoon coffee break

Chair: Ellen van Wolde

Siegfried Kreuzer (16:30–17:00): „Siehe, es war sehr gut“: Zur Entstehung der sog. Billigungsformel (Gen 1:4,10,12,18,21,25,31) [CANCELLED]

Kari Latvus (17:00–17:30): Ishmael Debated in Genesis

Talia Sutskover (17:30–18:00): Kinship Terms as Thematic Designers in the Story of Lot and his Daughters (Gen. 19:30–38)

Krzysztof Sonek (18:00–18:30): Gen 12–25 and Hans Frei’s Hermeneutics: A Critical Assessment

Christo Lombaard (18:30–19:00): Genesis 22 as a “test case” for the emergent discipline of Biblical Spirituality

Minor Prophets (14:30–18:00), Main Building Aud IV

Chair: Hanne von Weissenberg

Martin Leuenberger (14:30–15:00): Gegenwart und Zukunft im Haggaibuch

Christopher Thomson (15:00–15:30): Uncovering the Woman in Zechariah’s Ephah (Zech 5:5–11)

Markus Saur (15:3–16:00): Prophetie als Reaktion – Ezechiel 26, Sacharja 9 und der Eroberungszug Alexanders des Großen

16:00–16:30 Afternoon coffee break

Chair: Karl William Weyde

Hervé Gonzalez (16:30–17:00): Zech 10:1–2: A Text Lost in Its Context? A Contribution to the Study of “Scriptural” Prophecy in Second Zechariah

S D (Fanie) Snyman (17:00–17:30): Rethinking the Demarcation of Malachi 2:17–3:5

Lotta Valve (17:30–18:00): The Rise of the Idea of Elijah-to-Come – Reflections on Malachi 3:23–24 and Its Aftermath

Persian/Hellenistic Period (14:30–16:00),
Main Building Aud XIV

Chair: Ehud Ben Zvi

Kristin Joachimsen (14:30–15:00): Boundaries in Flux in Ezra 4:1–5

Pieter Venter (15:00–15:30): Conflicting Ethos in the Book of Daniel

Gerda de Villiers (15:30–16:00): The Book of Ruth: A Matriarchal Homily for a Community under Pressure

Psalms (14:00–18:30), Porthania PIII

Chair: Phyllis Bird

Florian Lippke (14:00–14:30): “Thou driedst up mighty rivers (Ps 74:15)”. History of the Text and Archaeological Implications

Anna Zernecke (14:30–15:00): Vain Flattery vs. Trusting Confidence? Akkadian Prayers of the Lifting of the Hand and Biblical Psalms of Individual Lament

Rainer Kessler (15:00–15:30): Hirbet el-Kōm und Psalm 112

Mary Jerome Obiorah
(15:30–16:00): A Study of the Alphabetic Acrostic in Psalm 25

16:00–16:30 Afternoon coffee break

Chair: Tapani Harviainen

Staffan Olofsson (16:30–17:00): The non-literal rendering of a military metaphor in the LXX Psalms

Thomas Wagner (17:00–17:30): Psalm 78 as חידה - what is the riddle about?

Gert T. M. Prinsloo (17:30–18:00): Space in Psalm 11, Psalm 11 in Space: Towards a Spatial Interpretation of the Poem

Beat Weber (18:00–18:30): Die Psalterouvertüre Psalm 1–3 und ihre Bedeutung für das Verständnis des Psalters

Ritual & Cult (16:30–18:30), Main Building Hall 13

Chair: Susan Ackerman

Nathan MacDonald (16:30–17:00): Once Again: Priestly Ritual, Magic and Monotheism

Phyllis Bird (17:00–17:30): Lucian’s Last Laugh: The Origins of “Sacred Prostitution” at Byblos

Miri Brumer (17:30–18:00): Between Passion Drugs and Plague healing: The Use of Incense Plants in Holy and in Secular in Ancient Israel

Calum Carmichael (18:00–18:30): Lev 19:11–12 as Critique of Jacob’s Cheating his Brother and Deceiving his Father (Genesis 27)

Varia (14:30–16:00), Main Building Hall 13

Chair: David J. A. Clines

Robert D. Miller II (14:30–15:00): Oral Performance in Ancient Israel

James A. Diamond (15:00–15:30): Narrative Hell vs. Normative Bliss of Biblical Love

Jaqueline S. du Toit (15:30–16:00): How IOSOT Played Its Part in Saving the Dead Sea Scrolls: Remembering the McGill University Purchase of Cave 4 Fragments in 1954 and 1956