The 20th Congress of IOSOT 1 - 6 August, 2010


Ms. Jutta Jokiranta, DTh
Congress Secretary
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Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database (SAHD) Project


The special session organized by SAHD will have six papers on Tuesday afternoon, 3 Aug. Person in charge: Hugh Williamson.

Programme of SAHD

Tuesday 3 Aug, I Session (14:30–16:00), Main Building Aud IX

H.G.M. Williamson (14:30–15:00): Introducing the Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database Project: Achievements, Current Work and Prospects

G.I. Davies (15:00–15:30): An Overview of Words for ‘Salvation’ in Ancient Hebrew

C. Masi (15:30–16:00): The Lexical Field of the Adjectives ‘Just’ and ‘Unjust’ in Ancient Hebrew: Some Oppositions and Lexical Contents

Coffee Break (16:00–16:30)

Tuesday 3 Aug, II Session (16:30–18:00), Main Building Aud IX

J. Stökl (16:30–17:00): Is a Seer a Seer? The Lexemes hozeh and ro’eh in the Hebrew Bible

J.K. Aitken (17:00–17:30): Terms for ‘fat’ in Hebrew

M. Marrazza (17:30–18:00): Some Remarks on the Lexematic Function of the Adjectives hlh and shlm

Friday 6 Aug, Business Meeting (13:00–15:00),
Main Building Hall 9

SAHD Business Meeting