The 20th Congress of IOSOT 1 - 6 August, 2010


Ms. Jutta Jokiranta, DTh
Congress Secretary
P.O. Box 4
FI−00014 University of Helsinki
E-mail: iosot-2010 AT
phone: +358 9 191 24348

International Organization for Targumic Studies (IOTS)


International Organization for Targumic Studies (IOTS) will have
its 6th congress. Person in Charge: Dr. Willem F. Smelik, President of IOTS. For more information of IOTS, see here.

Programme of IOTS

Wednesday 4 Aug, 9:00–10:30, Main Building Hall 10

Keynote Lecture: Steven Fraade: Targum and Multilingualism in Late Antique Judaism and Jewish Society

Wednesday 4 Aug, Session I (11:00–13:00)
Main Building Hall 10

Targum Onkelos

Shamma Friedman (11:00–11:30): The Dating of Targum Onqelos

Shai Heijmans (11:30–12:00): About the ‘Unreliability’ of the Vocalization of Western Targum-Manuscripts

Margaretha Folmer (12:00–12:30): Forms and Uses of the Demonstrative Pronouns in Targum Onqelos

Wednesday 4 Aug, Session II (14:30–18:30)
Main Building Hall 10


Alex Samely (14:30–15:15): The Targums within a New Description of  Jewish Text Structures in Antiquity

Robert Hayward (15:15–16:00): 'Targum a Misnomer for Midrash'? A new typology of the Second Targum of Esther

Coffee Break (16:00–16:30)

Philip Alexander (16:30–17:15): ‘Translation and Midrash Completely Fused Together’? The Form of the Targums to Canticles, Lamentations and Eccleasiastes

Rocco Bernasconi (17:15–18:00): A Literary Analysis of the Genesis Apocryphon

Break (18:00–18:10)

A New Database of Literary Profiles of Ancient Jewish Texts: A Preview (18:10–18:30)

Thursday 5 Aug, 9:00–10:30, Main Building Hall 10

Keynote Lecture: Avigdor Shinan and Yair Zakovitch: Avoiding Anonymity in the Bible and Beyond

Thursday 5 Aug, Session III (11:00–13:00),
Main Building Hall 10


Willem Smelik (11:00–11:30): Targum in Talmud

Beatrice Lawrence (11:30–12:00): Jethro and Jewish Identity in Targumic Interpretation

Chris Brady (12:00–12:30): The figure of Boaz in TgRuth

Craig Morrison (12:30–13:00): dyt[/dyt[ and the World to Come in the Syriac New Testament and Targum Neophyti

Thursday 5 Aug, Session IV (14:30–16:00),
Main Building Hall 10

Translation Strategies

Alinda Damsma (14:30–15:00): The Targumic Background of a Mystical Cairo Genizah Fragment (T-S NS 171.7)

Dmytro Tsolin (15:00–15:30): The Transformation of Poetical Lines of the Song at the Sea (Ex. 15:1–18, 21) in the Targum Onqelos

Gudrun Lier (15:30–16:00): Translation Techniques in Malachi according to Targum Jonathan

Coffee Break (16:00–16:30)

Thursday 5 Aug, Session V (16:30–18:20),
Main Building Hall 10

Questions of Method

James K. Aitken (16:30–17:00): Septuagint and Targum Studies: Historical and Methodological Relations [CANCELLED]

Paul Flesher (17:00–17:30): Identifying the Palestinian Targums: The Case of the Cairo Geniza Manuscripts

David Shepherd (17:30–18:00): Can Anything Targumic Come from Qumran? Revisiting Klaus Beyer’s ‘Targums’ of Tobit and Isaiah

Break (18:00–18:10)

Announcements: NTCS-website (18:10–18:20)

Thursday 5 Aug, 18:20, Main Building Hall 10

IOTS Business Meeting

Friday 6 Aug, 9:00–10:30, Main Building Hall 13

Keynote Lecture: Dineke Houtman: The Use of Paratextual Elements in Targum Research

Friday 6 Aug, Session VI (11:00–13:00), Main Building Hall 13

Manuscripts, Reception and Edition

Luis Díez Merino (11:00–11:30): A New Complete Aramaic Bible

Eveline van Staalduine-Sulman (11:30–12:00): 'Christian' Targums in a Targum edition?

Hector Patmore (12:00–12:30): The Italian Textual Tradition of Targum Jonathan

Hans Van Nes (12:30–13:00):  “Rome” in Targum Jonathan and its European Reception