The 20th Congress of IOSOT 1 - 6 August, 2010


Ms. Jutta Jokiranta, DTh
Congress Secretary
P.O. Box 4
FI−00014 University of Helsinki
E-mail: iosot-2010 AT
phone: +358 9 191 24348

International Organization for Masoretic Studies (IOMS)

International Organization for Masoretic Studies (IOMS) will have its 23rd congress. Person in charge: Prof. Aron Dotan, President of IOMS.

Programme of IOMS

Monday 2 Aug, Session I (9:00–11:00), Main Building Hall 5

Chair: Aron Dotan: Opening Remarks

Emilia Fernández Tejero (9:00–9:30): The Transmission of the Tradition – E. Martín Contreras and M. G. Seijas’ New Book on the Masora of the Hebrew Bible

Tapani Harviainen (9:30–10:00): The Pronunciation Tradition of Hebrew among the Crimean Karaims

Lea Himmelfarb (10:00–10:30): Characteristics of the Masora Magna in the Aleppo Codex

Yosef Ofer (10:30–11:00): The Terms Masora Gedola, Miqra Gedola and the Initials BM”G in Norzi’s Min˙at Shay

Coffee break (11:00–11:30)

Monday 2 Aug, Session II (11:30–13:00), Main Building Hall 5

Chair: Emilia Fernández Tejero

Aron Dotan (11:30–12:00): The Formation of the Babylonian Vowel Graphemes

Elvira Martín Contreras (12:00–12:30): Qere we-La Ketiv Notations: A Comparative Study

Edson de Faria Francisco (12:30–13:00): Representations and References to the Tetragrammaton in the Masoretic Annotations

Monday 2 Aug, Session III (15:00–16:30), Main Building Hall 5

Chair: Tapani Harviainen

Yochanan Breuer (15:00–15:30): Division of Lists Into Verses in the Masoretic Text

Rachel Mashiah (15:30–16:00): Syntactic Aspects of Accentuation in the Twenty-One Prose Books

Gregor Geiger (16:00–16:30): Vocalization and Accentuation of the nif’al Imperfect Forms in the Masoretic Text