Way of Life - The Quest for Meaning in Religion, Philosophy, and Science

Symposium on Philosophy of Religion, 9-10 April , 2010

About the Symposium
Contact Information

Department of Systematic Theology
P.O. Box 33
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
E-mail: xxx AT helsinki.fi
phone: +358-9-1911


main building

The symposium deals with the following general themes:

(a) Religious conceptions of salvation,
(b) religion as a way of life,
(c ) philosophy as a way of life,
(d) science (scientism) and existential questions.


The symposium is organised by the Department of Systematic Theology and NSPR [Nordic Society for Philosophy of Religion (http://www.tf.uio.no/nspr/)].

Accommodation and travel expenses are supported with up to NOK 4000 (approx. 500 euro) by the NSPR and PRINE [Philosophy of Religion In Northern Europe, Research Network sponsored by NordForsk, (http://www.tf.uio.no/nspr/prine)].

For all questions concerning financial support for travel and accommodation, please contact the board of NSPR/PRINE (m.g.t.mjaaland@teologi.uio.no).

Prof. Simo Knuuttila (Helsinki), Dr. Timo Koistinen and Dr. Marius Mjaaland.