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Mentor Training

auditoriumThe Department of Teacher Education organizes Mentor Training for teachers in field schools.

The participants of the Mentor Training familiarise themselves with and gain preparedness to the tasks of a teaching practice mentor. The training includes contact teaching sessions where the degree requirements, theory of guidance, interaction, giving feedback and practical issues of mentoring are introduced. During the training, each participant complete learning assignments and consider their own mentoring approach, and various concerns of teaching practice mentoring and the growth of becoming a teacher are considered from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

The field school mentors familiarise with a task where they function on one hand as the representatives of their school and its curriculum and teaching culture, and on the other hand as an employee of the University whose objective is to implement the goals of the teacher education of the University.

Tasks of a mentor after the training
After the Mentor Training, the teacher functions as a mentor for student teachers according to the curriculum of the Subject Teacher Education Programme. The most important task of the ,mentor is to guide the student teachers' development and give individual feedback. In addition, the mentor teacher is expected to take part in the info and training sessions concerning teaching practice arranged by the University, like e.g. the annual teaching practice symposium.

The task of a mentor is temporary and there is a separate compensation for the guidance work. The number of student teachers in different subjects varies annually and the teaching subjects in STEP may change, so STEP cannot guarantee student teachers for mentors every year.

Next Mentor Training

Please contact step-info (a) helsinki.fi, if you are interested in becoming a mentor teacher and you hold a position in a school in the Greater Helsinki Area in one of the STEP teaching subjects.