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Field School Network

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The Field School Network includes approximately one hundred day-care centers, schools and educational institutions. The network is coordinated by the Department of Teacher Education in cooperation with the education and social departments of the municipalities. The cooperation is based on cooperation agreements.

If you are interested in becoming a field school for STEP, please contact step-info (at) helsinki.fi.

The most important task of the Field School Network is to facilitate the success of quality teaching practices as part of teacher education. The mentors at the field schools receive training for the teaching guidance, see Mentor Training.

The Teaching Practice Symposium is arranged annually. The symposiums function as cooperation events between the mentor teachers and the teacher educators as well as in-service training.

The Consultative Committee of Teacher Education (Opettajankoulutuksen neuvottelukunta) was founded to develop the quality of teacher education and enhance cooperation both within the University of Helsinki and in the Greater Helsinki Area. The Consultative Committee is an interactive body and it has four working groups: the cooperative group of subject teacher education, the cooperative group of in-service training, the development of group of Swedish subject teacher education and the support group of the field school network.