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STEP Pilots in Arts and Science groups in the Autumn 2010

The STEP Project organized a pilot programme in subject teacher education in English in the first period of the academic year 2010–11.

Our pilot courses in autumn 2010 covered Introduction to Subject Teaching (10 ETCS) which comprised of General Didactics, Subject Didactics, Getting Acquainted with School and Reflection.

Students were divided into two groups, Arts and Science, based on their majors. The Arts group was geared for foreign students who study languages, History or Religious Education at the University of Helsinki. The Science group was geared for students who have Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Biology as their major subject.

The students of the two groups studied together in General Didactics that included lectures and a final exam. Getting Acquainted with School was implemented as three-day school visits to three different schools in Greater Helsinki in which teaching is conducted in English. The students were divided into groups so that different Arts and Science subject majors were represented.

In Subject Didactics lectures and small group work, teaching was also partially implemented together for the Arts and Science students, but mostly in separate groups. Both programmes had several University lecturers as teachers to offer expertise from different subjects.

The groups had Finnish and international degree students as well as two participants doing the courses as separate studies. The Finnish students were accepted into the regular subject teacher education programme in Finnish. The international students were able to participate but were aware that the pilot course did not grant official teacher qualifications for them.

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