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Subject Teacher
Education Programme

Department of Teacher Education
Faculty of Behavioural Sciences

P.O. Box 9 (Siltavuorenpenger 5A)
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

STEP email:
step-info (at)

Please read through the Application Guide and FAQs
before contacting us as due to the Government cuts
there is no Admissions Secretary in STEP and the response time might be longer than usual.

Subject Teacher Education Programme in English


NB! Please read the information from the links listed below.

E.g. The Enrolment at the University of Helsinki information in the Study rights and enrolment guide is meant for students who have been selected in the Separate Selection Quota.

Study rights and enrolment guide

Study infomation letter

Structure of Studies

How to submit an appeal for rectification

STEP teaching starts on Monday 29.8.2016 (STEP Info 10-12) and the Period 2 ends on Friday 18.12.2016. Period 3 starts on Monday 16.1.2017 and teaching ends on Monday 15.5.2017 in the spring term.

The schedules are subject to change.

STEP Information

STEP – Subject Teacher Education Programme is 60 ECTS and it is geared for both Finnish and international students. The programme gives official qualifications for teaching in basic and upper secondary education in Finland.

STEP qualification can be recognized by other countries in the EU. See more information about the recognition of Finnish qualifications abroad from the Finnish National Board of Education website.

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