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Background Information about the STEP Project


The STEP Project was initiated in the beginning of 2009 in the Department of Education of Applied Sciences (currently the Department of Teacher Education) at the University of Helsinki. In the autumn of 2009, the project concentrated on planning and preparing subject teachers’ pedagogical studies in English.

As part of the preparations, the STEP group searched for information regarding the development, need and legal requirements of starting subject teachers’ pedagogical studies in English.

The Department of Teacher Education offered class teacher education in English in the mid-1990’s and a few students from that program were interviewed to learn about their experiences from it. The teachers who currently teach courses in English at the department were also asked about their experiences. A short review of teacher education in English offered by other universities in Finland was also prepared.

In connection with the project, some teaching materials were translated into English and modified to fit an international context. Department staff was invited to join English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) workshops geared for teachers teaching in English.

A STEP Seminar was organized in Haikko on 16-17 October 2009. The seminar was a brainstorming session for people from various instances: representatives from the Department of International Affairs at the University of Helsinki, subject departments, administration and teacher education at the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, CIMO (Centre for International Mobility) and the University of Groningen shared ideas about organizing subject teacher training in English.

In view of the findings, there is a demand for teachers’ pedagogical studies in English. According to the strategic plan of the University of Helsinki, internationalization is an essential part of all of its functions. The Department of Teacher Education is acting according to the strategy by developing education in English. Feedback from university students also showed a clear need for teacher education studies in English.

Minister of Education Henna Virkkunen named internationalization of the universities as a national project in Strategy for the Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions in Finland 2009–2015 (Ministry of Education 2009).

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