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STEP – Degree Requirements

STEP 60 credit degree requirements can be found in their entirety as a pdf-file on the right.

Also see the 15 or 18 credit Supplemental Studies of Pedagogical Studies for teachers who have received a decision on comparability of a higher university degree (for subject teachers) from the Ministry of Education or the Finnish National Board of Educatiom.

STEP studies

STEP - Subject Teacher Education Programme in English includes 60 ECTS credits of teachers' pedagogical studies. The studies comprise 25 ECTS of basic studies and 35 ECTS of intermediate studies, and they are divided into four periods and designed in such a way that the whole programme can be completed in one academic year. Thus, it is not a Master's programme but a minor.

Students who are admitted to the Subject Teacher Education Programme in English (STEP) are strongly encouraged to start their studies the same year that they apply and complete the programme in one year.

STEP has requirements of previous studies (scroll down for more info) that are in place so that students are able to complete the whole Subject Teacher Education Programme in one year, including the practices. Please note that the studies include a great deal of contact teaching requiring attendance. Since the programme admits a total of only 25 students, the groups are small and in case a student delays the start of his/her studies, place in the groups later cannot be guaranteed. The places in the groups are prioritized in such a way that the admitted students in the current year have priority. Also, since the number of admitted students is small, there are no set book examinations to replace the lectures and courses.

STEP Arts and Science

For a part of the courses, STEP students will study in two groups, Arts and Science. (See the complete list of STEP subjects from the left STEP Admission.) For most of the courses, the Arts and Science students will study together, and other teacher students from other programmes may also participate in the same lectures.

Structure of STEP

The subject teacher education studies comprise 25 credits of basic studies and 35 credits of intermediate studies and they are divided into four periods. The studies suit degree students and postgraduate students who apply for teacher education studies after a Master’s degree.

The objectives set for the two teaching practices deepen and broaden as students move from one practice to the next. Both Basic and Advance Practice have their own characteristics and Advanced Practice is more extensive and more in-depth than Basic Practice. Advanced Practice includes a 3 cr course Educational Use of Information and Communication Technologies / ICTs.


STEP Degree Requirements

STEP Degree Requirements 2016/18

STEP New Students

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