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Foreign Language Education (ReFLEct)

The Research Centre for Foreign Language Education (ReFLEct) promotes and develops research into foreign language education. It aims at understanding the didactic teaching-studying-learning (TSL) process from the point of view of foreign and second languages. It also conducts research on communicative oral proficiency practice, the proficiency levels of the Common European Framework and the European Language Portfolio, intercultural communication, educational applications of information and communication technologies in language learning, network-based education and future language learning and teaching. Among other interests are individual plurilingualism as well as multicultural and multilingual communities.

The staff of the centre are involved in developing the national curricula and the school leaving examinations as well as in developing basic and in-service training, both nationally and internationally. The focus of interest of the centre is both on primary, secondary and tertiary education as well as research into and improvement of teacher education.

The centre is interdisciplinary in nature and works across faculty lines. The most important partners in co-operation are the teachers and researchers of teacher training schools and the language departments of the university. The centre creates, maintains and advances national and international contacts with research centres and individual researchers in many countries.

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