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Kindergarten teacher and early childhood education


Kindergarten Teacher Education educates experts in early education. The degree qualifies graduates to work both as kindergarten teachers in children’s day care and pre-primary education, and in various professions requiring expertise in early education, such as posts in public administration which may require an applicable higher education degree. The education culminates in the Bachelor of Education degree, which is a first cycle university degree.

During their studies, the students will be familiarised with, among other things, childhood and the growth of children, the development of personality and learning, and the aims, contents and methods of public early and pre-primary education. In addition, the students will gain competence in the analysis, critical evaluation and research-based evaluation of their own work.

Since 1 August 2005, Bachelor of Education degrees completed in Kindergarten programme have included 35 ECTS credits of teacher’s pedagogical studies. In accordance with the Government Decree on University Degrees (794/2004), students who have graduated from the above programme can complete teacher’s pedagogical studies (60 ECTS) by completing 25 ECTS credits of teacher’s pedagogical studies as a part of a master’s degree programme starting from 1 August 2010. Teacher’s pedagogical studies (60 ECTS) provide the students with a versatile teacher’s qualification. The prerequisites for a teacher’s qualification in addition to a master’s degree and teacher’s pedagogical studies vary according to the educational institution.

Student selections In the entrance examination 120 new kindergarten teacher students will be granted the right to pursue Bachelor of Education degree studies. Further information on the selection quotas and other issues pertaining to the student selection is available at the website of the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences.

Information for international students, see “How to Apply?

Expanding a college-level kindergarten teacher qualification into a bachelor’s degree The last separate intake quota of students into kindergarten education on the basis of the old kindergarten degree took place in the summer of 2006. However, it is possible to supplement the old kindergarten teacher degree into a fully-fledged Bachelor of Education degree (180 ECTS) by entering the kindergarten education through the student selection process in the spring. A personal study plan (HOPS) will be drawn up for each student according to which the studies will be completed. The study plan will take into account the studies completed the college-level kindergarten teacher education as well as university-level grades.